Company Profile

Company Profile

Biafo Industries Limited having its registered office at 1st Floor, Biafo House, Plot No. 23, St No. 38-40, I&T Centre, G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan would like to take this opportunity to introduce their product-Tovex Water Gel Explosive manufactured at their plant located at Hattar Industrial Estate, KP, Pakistan.

Tovex has been an important break through in explosives since the invention of dynamite by Alfred Nobel more than a century ago. Dynamite has served the industry well but hazards associated with the use, manufacture, transportation, storage and toxic nature has been the cause of serious concern. After intensive studies and research, in 1974 DuPont, the largest manufacturer of Nitro Glycerin based dynamite in the United States of America introduced Tovex Water Gel, and in 1976 they decided to withdraw from the dynamite business in favour of Tovex.

Tovex Water Gel is substantially and demonstratively safer and is designed to perform equal to, if not better than dynamite in all sectors of the industry i.e. construction, mining, quarrying, seismic, tunneling etc. Tovex compositions manufactured by Biafo are cap sensitive and other features are as follows:

  1. Wide range of bore hole densities.
  2. Improved flexibility in loading.
  3. Water resistant.
  4. No Nitro Glycerin and noxious fumes.
  5. Reduced handling, transportation and storage hazards.
  6. High bubble energy (Under water explosion).
  7. Reduced sound levels and better control on vibrations.

The DuPont technology and goodwill was purchased by Explosive Technology International (ETI) in 1988 and Biafo are the licensee of ETI in Pakistan using the DuPont Technology and formulations which include MMAN sensitisor, raw materials and control procedures. Due to the quality of its product Biafo in a short period of time has captured a substantial share of the market in the following areas:

  • 20 major cement plants are using Tovex for their limestone quarries.
  • 80% of International oil companies use Tovex for seismic exploration, also local seismic surveys are carried out using this product e.g.

    Union Texas, British Gas, Premier Oil, Hunt Oil, Lasmo, BHP, Mari Gas, Oil and Gas Development Company of Pakistan, Tullow Oil,

    OMV (Pakistan) & Polish Oil & Gas.

  • Blasting for road construction by local as well as international companies.
  • Mining for minerals and quarries for the construction and building industry.

Biafo has signed contracts for the entire supply of explosives and accessories with Ghazi Barotha Hydel Project, with China Geo Engineering for the Malakand Tunnel & Hydel Project, with National Logistic Cell for explosives for all their Projects with China Petroleum Engineering Corporation for their Indus Highway Project with Sezai Turkes Feyzi Akkaya for the Lahore Bypass Project, with Bayindir for the Islamabad/Peshawar Motorway, with Joannou & Paraskevaides for its quarry for Lahore’s new international Air Terminal with PAMIC Ltd for M-3 i.e. 6 lane Pindi Bhatian-Faisalabad Motorway & with Taisei Corporation for Kohat tunnel & access road, with China International Water & Electric Corp for Malakand III Hydel Project, with MCC Resources Development Co. (PVT) Ltd for Saindak Gold & Copper Mining Project & with Sinohydro Corporation for Khan Khawar Hydel Project at Besham.

Biafo Has The Modern And State Of The Art Manufacturing Unit Which Is Highly Automated And Can Produce More Than 2500 Metric Tons Of Explosives Per Shift Annually.Due To Its Commitment With E.T.I, Biafo Only Manufactures Products, Which Meet The International Standard Of Tovex
Biafo also produces the following accessories for explosives from technology obtained by Hanwha Group of South Korea

  1. Seismic Detonators.
  2. Plain Detonators.
  3. Electric Detonators (Instantaneous).
  4. Detonating Cord.
  5. Safety Fuse.
  6. Shock Tubes / Non Electric Initiating System.

We will also be in a position to manufacture and market Delay Detonators (Millisecond and Half Second) in the near future. Biafo Industries is well positioned to minimize transportation charges for explosives, as these are a significant cost for end users especially in countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Gulf States.