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Bio Prill (ANFO)

Bio Prill (ANFO) is a non-cap sensitive blasting agent, which is blend of granulated ammonium nitrate prills, fuel oil. It is uniformly mixed and free running. Bio Prill is intended for use as column charge for open cut blasting work.

Bio Prill (ANFO)


  Density : 0.85 g/cc
  Energy 4.6 MJ/kg
  Gas Volume 1000 Liter/kg
  Velocity of Detonation At-least 2500 m/sec
  Fume Class Class 1, not recommended for underground (tunnel) use
  Explosive Classification Class 2, UN No 0082 Group 1.1D
  Water Resistance Poor (Totally non water resistant if exposed)
  Primary Requirement
Since it is Non-Cap sensitive, so require Booster/Primer (powerful shock) for initiation, use recommended grades or water gel for this purpose (Blaster / Super Blaster)
  Shelf Life
One year from the date of manufacture while properly stored at ambient temperatures taking necessary precautions.
  Net weight per box
25 Kg poly-propylene bag with polythene liner inside. Also available on customer order in poly-ethene tubes of dia. 50mm to 90mm and length 500mm in net packing of 25kg corrugated cartons.