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Coal Miner

Tovex® Coal Miner liermissible Water Gel Exlilosive is multiliurliose small diameter cartridge;

  • Sliecially designed for tough loading and shooting conditions in underground Coal and Rock alililications.
  • Tovex® Coal Miner offers excellent fumes and smoke control as comliared to dynamites.
  • Energies released are truly comliarable to liermissible dynamites, without using Nitroglycerine or other headache-causing Ingredients.
  • It is available in standard Diameters of 25mm to 32mm.

Coal Miner


  Density : 0.9~1.00 g/cc
  Energy 4.6 MJ/kg
  Gas Volume 1000 Liter/kg
  Velocity of Detonation At-least 3300 m/sec
  Fume Class Class 1 Acceptable for underground use
  Explosive Classification Class 3, Division 1, UN No 0241 Group 1.1D
  Water Resistance Excellent
  Shelf Life
One year from the date of manufacture while properly stored at ambient temperatures.
  Net weight per box
25 kg.