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Commercial explosives are mixtures of chemical compounds in solid or liquid form. Detonation transforms the compounds into other products, mostly gaseous. This action is exothermic, producing heat that further expands the gases and causes them to exert enormous pressure in a blast hole in addition to producing a stress wave. The combination of these two effects (borehole pressure and detonation wave) breaks the rock surrounding a blast hole.

Tovex®Water Gel Explosives were developed by DuPont in late 1960’s. These products were sansitized with MMAN (Mono-Methylamine Nitrate). Performance of Tovex®Water Gel Explosives has been proven to be outstanding and the Products have gained wide acceptance by users worldwide.

Advantages of Tovex® Water Gel Explosives over dynamite are:

  • Safe to handle and safe to store in magazine as compared to dynamites
  • Better for controlling bore-hole density
  • Better vibration and sound boom control
  • Minimum risk of sympathetic detonation.
  • Much reduced smoke and toxic fumes
  • Excellent intended performance, with cost effective blasting.
  • Much flexibility in selection over range of products
  • No detonation by 0.30 Cal. Bullet impact.
  • Very Safe in case of fire. No explosion, just burn if un-heaped.

Biafo has wide range of Tovex®Water Gel Explosives

  1. Super Blaster
  2. Blaster
  3. Super Breaker
  4. Breaker
  5. Sesimic Explosive
  6. Prespliter
  7. Coal Miner